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Dancing Days Retouch by ctribeiro Dancing Days Retouch by ctribeiro
Hi friends. As always in this folder, I bring you a retouch project that usually ends
up in some other project(s).
This time I wanted to make a gift to my dear friend and great portuguese, several times
awarded, Illustrator "Liliana Lourenço". Check out some of Liliana's great works in her Blog.
Also, as usual (I think as a paying fee for my sins :)) I had at my disposal some
really low res images taken a few years ago in a local pub with a cell phone camera.
Joss, as the chinease would say. Ok, hands on work...
I've chosen a picture where Liliana was posing with her brother Helder, aka Max.
First I doubled it's size (the resolution, noise, etc... was bad already so, why not
make it worse? :)) Anyway, just a little tip I got some time ago from the great
designer David Carson in "Ultimate Guide to Graphic Design". No matter what plugin
you use for resizing images, the best way to do it and reduce as much you can the
quality loss is to gradually increment it's size in 10% stages. I even made an action
in Photoshop for this purpose alone.
Then come the most important stage of all (I really wanted to join the gift with the
best original image enhancement I could, because I know she really likes it.)
After some major noise reduction, color correction, full retouch... and some "minor"
picture effects like depth of field blurring, to create focus where I wanted, bokeh,...
(I am always learning with great photographers like Lee Varis, Michael Freeman, Scott Kelby
so, why not put their knowlege to good use? You can see the result in "Retouched".
After this I made a draft study I called "Wood Carving" that I also show here, even tough
I am not a big fan of it. (I had to compose the page with four images :))
Finally, for the real gift image, I armed myself with two free 3D images (the glasses, used
on Liliana, and the hat, for Helder) I've got them from (really great free use
stuff they have there if you're into 3D.) And a free music notes vector from, that
I transformed a little in Illustrator and made into 3D later, in Photoshop.
Ok, I wanted to give a "feel" of the 70-80's mood we've got in movies like "Saturday Night
Fever", "Dancing Days"... Liliana, of course, was too young at the time to remember that but
I thought she'll enjoy it (good taste have no age, after all, no?). So, that being thought, it
was just a question of placing the 3D images and making some "cinematic" lights effect.
The final work I called "Dancing Days"
Hope you like it!
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October 9, 2014
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