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Imaginarium Station by ctribeiro Imaginarium Station by ctribeiro
Concept: Well, it all started with a great B/W Image from IM Creator (check it out, they have awesome images there, free to use even for comercial purposes). So, in spite of loving this image, especially in terms of perspective, this time I decided to bring it to live by giving it some color (retouch, tone/color correction, the works...)
Then I decided it deserved a story so, being the scene in a station, it was time to "build" a subway station to join all the others we have here in Lisbon, Portugal, decorated by great local artists (maybe you want to Google it, I garantee you'll love some of them...)
Ok, to decorate the station I decided to honor my dear friend and portuguese illustrator "Liliana Lourenço".
I was also sure that with her great expressive illustrations my work would be so much easier :)
Now, before we go any further, of course I have her permisson to use her works here...
You can check out her amazing work in Liliana's Blog or her Facebook
With all that done, I just needed a guy image to tweek my story's composition.

So, as stock image I used from IM Creator Woman Legs
wich has the following Creative commons licence

And the following 3D models from
Shoes Model and Man Model

The station wall illustration images, as I told before, were from my friend Liliana Lourenço

The bench and "Metro" company logo were made using the 3D features of Photoshop CC.

Thats it, hope you like it and "imagine" your own story from the composition...
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January 6, 2015
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